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Had a water problem that shut the whole house down. Jay Caoamy came out and immediately diagnosed the problem. He went as far as even giving my son, a junior plumber, some great career advice. Showed he cared and was truly customer service oriented.


Our kitchen sink decided not to drain anymore in the evening and I called and he was out right away. He kept at it until it was draining properly. I put the business card up on the refrigerator so I have it to call them right away if something else decides to stop working. Thanks for being prompt and friendly and taking care of us. We really appreciate it.


After Jay replaced our dead sump pump on new year’s eve, we had him come back out to replace our disposal, replace our kitchen faucet, put in a battery backup sump pump, and fix a leaky bathroom faucet. They do great work and are honest about what needs to be done. Very professional and courteous.

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