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I had a pretty good leak that partially flooded my basement. It was 10 degrees outside and was getting late. I called The Service Company, and Angie answered the phone. She told me the Techs could come out but would be late. I was in desperate need of a plumber so I welcomed the fact they would still come out at 1 AM. True to their word, they showed up at 1am after already out servicing folks all day in the bitter cold. While fixing my leak the tech uncovered the root cause to my leak. I had a bad pressure tank which could have burned up my well pump. 2 days later Jay came back without charging me a service call and replaced my pressure tank and all the plumbing and control box. Jay also added all the safety features to bring it up to code. Like I always say, you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a cheap quick hit operation don’t call these folks. The service company will fix you up the right way. Thanks Jay!

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