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Had a water problem that shut the whole house down. Jay Caoamy came out and immediately diagnosed the problem. He went as far as even giving my son, a junior plumber, some great career advice. Showed he cared and was truly customer service oriented.


Excellent work, prompt service, great pricing


Our kitchen sink decided not to drain anymore in the evening and I called and he was out right away. He kept at it until it was draining properly. I put the business card up on the refrigerator so I have it to call them right away if something else decides to stop working. Thanks for being prompt and friendly and taking care of us. We really appreciate it.


I had a pretty good leak that partially flooded my basement. It was 10 degrees outside and was getting late. I called The Service Company, and Angie answered the phone. She told me the Techs could come out but would be late. I was in desperate need of a plumber so I welcomed the fact they would still come out at 1 AM. True to their word, they showed up at 1am after already out servicing folks all day in the bitter cold. While fixing my leak the tech uncovered the root cause to my leak. I had a bad pressure tank which could have burned up my well pump. 2 days later Jay came back without charging me a service call and replaced my pressure tank and all the plumbing and control box. Jay also added all the safety features to bring it up to code. Like I always say, you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a cheap quick hit operation don’t call these folks. The service company will fix you up the right way. Thanks Jay!


Do not call anyone else. This company came out on a Holiday weekend, didn’t charge a fortune and provided methods for our family to save money. We only have one bathroom in our house we bought a few months ago. We contacted our Home Warranty company to repair clogged pipes. The Home warranty company was here for 3 hours and left our pipes in worse shape than when they came in. They left standing water in our tub and we couldn’t flush the toilet at all!!!! On top of that they said we had roots throughout our pipes and they didn’t cover that. Of course, my husband and I are feeling duped by the prior owner. Ready to call the lawyers The Service Company responded to my request on Thumbtack immediately and even answered his phone while out to dinner with his wife. They were out the next morning and was here about an hour and really fixed our clogs. The best part of all it was responsibly priced. My family will never call anyone else but the Service Company – Plumbing & Drain for all our plumbing needs.

The Wards


After Jay replaced our dead sump pump on new year’s eve, we had him come back out to replace our disposal, replace our kitchen faucet, put in a battery backup sump pump, and fix a leaky bathroom faucet. They do great work and are honest about what needs to be done. Very professional and courteous.


Everything was handled quickly and without a lot of new parts. I was given a lesson for self care of
the drains and and confident i know how to do so. And if we have any more clogs I will definitely call The Service Company again.

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