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Johnstown, Ohio is a wonderful, family-oriented community and also a great place to live. But, as you may have already found out, Ohio humid summers the freezing, icy temperatures every winter  can damage your plumbing systems. As a result, plumbing fixtures degrade over time. The Service Company offers a full host of commercial plumbing, residential plumbing and drain cleaning services to the entire Johnstown, OH & Surrounding area.

Our mission is to bring back good-ole fashioned values to the Heath & surrounding plumbing and drain cleaning industry. And, it wasn’t too long ago that warranties on your work actually meant something. When you hire The Service Company, you’ll get an honest, expert opinion and options you can understand. Also, you’ll get an explanation of the price & service warranties. Therefore, if your plumbing or drain system is experiencing issues, we would be pleased to provide fast, affordable services! So, stop procrastinating with that leaky faucet. Because it’ll only make matters worse! Give us a call – we offer free quotes for anything more complicated than a routine service call.


Here for You 24/7

First of all, plumbing emergencies NEVER happen during the day! Or, at least it seems that way. So, we know how frustrating it is to call on a service that never answers the phone. And, we know when things break, you want them repaired right away. In addition, our team is fully staffed 24/7 to provide you with reliable, around-the-clock emergency plumbing service for your Johnstown, OH property. Worried about the cost? We’d be happy to try to give you a ballpark price – because we know it’s important to be prepared.


Dependable, Affordable Johnstown, OH Plumber

Finally, a company that understands concerns over costs! So, we work hard to lower overhead & pass these savings on to you. In addition, coupons and specials are frequently available right here on our website!  We offer free estimates that we stand by so that you will have a realistic idea of what the repairs will cost. And, we provide the plumbing services you need at a price that most budgets can afford. In the event that you need help paying for the necessary services, we also offer flexible payment options. To schedule your Johnstown, OH plumbing repair or maintenance services, give us a call at 614-342-6393

  • Repair toilet(s)
  • Your leaking faucet(s)
  • Rebuild toilet(s)
  • Leaky outdoor hose bibs
  • Low or High water pressure
  • Jammed garbage disposal or noisy disposal
  • Toilet leak around the toilet base
  • Sump Pump failure or issues
  • Questions about your hot water tank
  • Clogged or slow drains
  • Spiking water temperatures
  • Kitchen/Bathroom sink leak
  • Water softener installation
  • New plumbing fixture installation
  • Water purification system(s)
  • Tankless hot water heater(s)
  • Toilet installation
  • Sump Pump Installations
  • Water shut offs
  • Electric hot water tanks
  • Gas water heater
  • Propane water tanks

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Recent Reviews!

Excellent work, prompt service, great pricing

Ian Rodier, Bexley, OH

Everything was handled quickly and without alot of new parts. I was given a lesson for self care of
the drains and and confident i know how to do so. And if we have any more clogs I will definitely call The
Service Company again.

Laura B., Blacklick, OH

The Service Company has bailed me out twice (2 years apart). They are very understanding as to the importance of promptness in responding to the problem. Jay charges a very reasonable fee and is extremely conscientious about minimizing the mess as much as he possibly can! I would absolutely recommend using The Service Company again.

J Morrow, Columbus, OH

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