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Q. How much do you charge to come out and look at my plumbing problem?

Our dispatch fee is very affordable at only $59 during normal business hours; we complete a thorough evaluation of your entire plumbing system and will discuss our findings and recommendations with you during this time.

Q. When should I replace my current water heater?

While there isn’t a one size-fits all answer to this question, we recommend replacement every 8-10 years for most tank style water heaters. If your existing water heater more than 8-10 years old, you are likely on borrowed time. Contact us now to discuss your needs.

Q. How much is a water heater replacement?

Because every home is different and homeowners have varying hot water usage needs and energy efficiency expectations, we do not offer exact estimates without visiting the home and creating a custom quote to ensure accuracy.

Q. My garbage disposal won't turn on. I tried to reset the red button on the bottom of the unit, but it still doesn’t work – what else can I do?

Sometimes you will find that the only way to fix the disposal is to take it apart, especially if you’ve already cleared the item causing the jam. If taking it apart doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s probably time for a new garbage disposal.

Water Quality

Q. My water has a strange smell. What could that be?

Sulfurous (rotten egg) odors or taste is a common issue and normally not a health concern. Whatever type of unpleasant odor you are experiencing, our trained team can offer solutions to improve your home’s water quality and taste.

Q. Where can I get my water tested for contaminants?

Your local water department can provide water quality testing, which typically takes several weeks. The Service Company is proud to offer in depth professional water quality testing and customized water filtration and softening systems.

Sewer, Septic & Water Lines

Q. How do I know if my sewer line needs replaced? Is it expensive?

Symptoms of issues with your sewer line can include obvious things like sewage backing up, to gurgling in your toilets when showers or dishwashers are running. Whether it’s a serious issue or a simple obstruction, the first step is to have a qualified drain specialist inspect the lines to determine the cause.

Q. Do you pump septic tanks?

We do not currently offer septic tank pumping services in house but do work with licensed contractors that do – we are happy to refer you.

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