Spot bad water heater installations

Finding out you need to replace your water heater can be stressful. Residents in Columbus can expect the lifespan of a hot water heater to be 10-12 years when cared for properly. Annual maintenance on your Columbus water heater is key. Also, finding a reputable plumbing service that offers water heater maintenance is vital. Annual service isn’t something you want to skimp on because your water heater system will not run as efficiently.

So, you’ve done your research on local plumbing companies, they’ve come and installed a brand new water heater. Now what? How do you know if they have given you a quality water heater installation? At The Service Company | Plumbing & Drains, we’ve seen our fair share of terrible water heater installation mistakes in our day.
Nothing makes our blood boil faster than seeing poorly done water heater installs – or worse yet, dangerous ones. Here are a few examples of how we: Spot bad water heater installations


Missing Water Heater Shut Off Valve

water heater

Look closely- we noticed that a plumber installed this gas water heater without a water shut off valve. This is a huge no-no because in the event of an emergency! There is no way to isolate this water heater and shut off the water to it. Our technicians at The Service Company | Plumbing & Drains see this more often than you would think in Columbus homes.

It’s a very dangerous mistake. So, if you notice that there aren’t water shut off valves near your hot water tank, call us immediately. This is a bad water heater installation. Your shut off valves should be dedicated to your water heater, on the same floor and easily accessible per Ohio code.



 CPVC plumbed to Gas Water Heater


Ohio plumbing code states that your Columbus gas water heater must have 18 inches of copper plumbed directly leading from the tank. This Rheem gas water heater appears to have been plumbed with copper, but Todd from Todd’s Mechanical, an expert  Plumber in Edmonton says, “we often see gas water heaters with CPVC instead of copper running directly to the tank – unfortunately it’s common when homeowner’s rely on Handy Andy instead of hiring a real plumber.”

So, moving on to the next “spot bad water heater installations” blunder! In the second photo you’ll see that the installer directly discharged the T&P discharge pipe to the drainage system. If your water heater installation looks like this, contact our team to correct it. These are just a couple bad water heater installations. We see them much too often in our line of work!

spot bad water heater installations

Cutting corners on your Columbus home hot water heater is never a smart idea. The money you save in the short term will mean expensive lessons later on. It’s always in your own best interest to research, shop around, and find a trusted and qualified plumber in your area. The Service Company | Plumbing & Drains is happy to service Columbus, Newark, Lancaster and surrounding areas. Our professional and experienced team can help diagnose and correct unsafe installations affordably.

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